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Jan Fransaer
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Living on a surface: swarming and biofilm formation
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Hierarchical Porous Ni3S4 with Enriched High‐Valence Ni Sites as a Robust Electrocatalyst for Efficient Oxygen Evolution Reaction
K Wan, J Luo, C Zhou, T Zhang, J Arbiol, X Lu, BW Mao, X Zhang, ...
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A universal strategy for metal oxide anchored and binder-free carbon matrix electrode: a supercapacitor case with superior rate performance and high mass loading
X Zhang, J Luo, P Tang, X Ye, X Peng, H Tang, SG Sun, J Fransaer
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Electrocarboxylation: towards sustainable and efficient synthesis of valuable carboxylic acids
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A hybrid supercapacitor based on porous carbon and the metal‐organic framework MIL‐100 (Fe)
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Luminescent terbium-containing metal–organic framework films: new approaches for the electrochemical synthesis and application as detectors for explosives
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Chemical Communications 50 (83), 12545-12547, 2014
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