Kyle A Young
Kyle A Young
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Eutrophication causes speciation reversal in whitefish adaptive radiations
P Vonlanthen, D Bittner, AG Hudson, KA Young, R Müller, ...
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When Rensch meets Bergmann: does sexual size dimorphism change systematically with latitude?
WU Blanckenhorn, RC Stillwell, KA Young, CW Fox, KG Ashton
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KA Young
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T Day, KA Young
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KA Young
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KA Young, JB Dunham, JF Stephenson, A Terreau, AF Thailly, G Gajardo, ...
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Life–history variation and allometry for sexual size dimorphism in Pacific salmon and trout
KA Young
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Managing the decline of Pacific salmon: metapopulation theory and artificial recolonization as ecological mitigation
KA Young
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DNA barcoding and microsatellites help species delimitation and hybrid identification in endangered galaxiid fishes
D Vanhaecke, C Garcia de Leaniz, G Gajardo, K Young, J Sanzana, ...
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OM Selz, K Lucek, KA Young, O Seehausen
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KA Young
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J James, FM Slater, IP Vaughan, KA Young, J Cable
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KA Young, J Stephenson, A Terreau, AF Thailly, G Gajardo, CG de Leaniz
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Hotshots, hot spots, and female preference: exploring lek formation models with a bower-building cichlid fish
KA Young, MJ Genner, DA Joyce, MP Haesler
Behavioral Ecology 20 (3), 609-615, 2009
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