Robin James Flynn
Robin James Flynn
Waterford Institute of Technology/Institute of Technology Carlow
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Nuocytes represent a new innate effector leukocyte that mediates type-2 immunity
DR Neill, SH Wong, A Bellosi, RJ Flynn, M Daly, TKA Langford, C Bucks, ...
Nature 464 (7293), 1367-1370, 2010
IL-33 is more potent than IL-25 in provoking IL-13–producing nuocytes (type 2 innate lymphoid cells) and airway contraction
JL Barlow, S Peel, J Fox, V Panova, CS Hardman, A Camelo, C Bucks, ...
Journal of allergy and clinical immunology 132 (4), 933-941, 2013
IL-25 and type 2 innate lymphoid cells induce pulmonary fibrosis
E Hams, ME Armstrong, JL Barlow, SP Saunders, C Schwartz, G Cooke, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (1), 367-372, 2014
Fasciola and fasciolosis in ruminants in Europe: Identifying research needs
NJ Beesley, C Caminade, J Charlier, RJ Flynn, JE Hodgkinson, ...
Transboundary and emerging diseases 65, 199-216, 2018
Fasciola hepatica is associated with the failure to detect bovine tuberculosis in dairy cattle
J Claridge, P Diggle, CM McCann, G Mulcahy, R Flynn, J McNair, S Strain, ...
Nature communications 3 (1), 853, 2012
Experimental Fasciola hepatica Infection Alters Responses to Tests Used for Diagnosis of Bovine Tuberculosis
RJ Flynn, C Mannion, O Golden, O Hacariz, G Mulcahy
Infection and immunity 75 (3), 1373-1381, 2007
Protection of cattle against a natural infection of Fasciola hepatica by vaccination with recombinant cathepsin L1 (rFhCL1)
O Golden, RJ Flynn, C Read, M Sekiya, SM Donnelly, C Stack, JP Dalton, ...
Vaccine 28 (34), 5551-5557, 2010
The roles of IL-10 and TGF-β in controlling IL-4 and IFN-γ production during experimental Fasciola hepatica infection
RJ Flynn, G Mulcahy
International journal for parasitology 38 (14), 1673-1680, 2008
Co‐Infection of Cattle with Fasciola hepatica and Mycobacterium bovis– Immunological Consequences
RJ Flynn, G Mulcahy, M Welsh, JP Cassidy, D Corbett, C Milligan, ...
Transboundary and emerging diseases 56 (6‐7), 269-274, 2009
CD95-mediated calcium signaling promotes T helper 17 trafficking to inflamed organs in lupus-prone mice
A Poissonnier, D Sanséau, M Le Gallo, M Malleter, N Levoin, R Viel, ...
Immunity 45 (1), 209-223, 2016
Reciprocal expression of IL‐25 and IL‐17A is important for allergic airways hyperreactivity
JL Barlow, RJ Flynn, SJ Ballantyne, ANJ McKenzie
Clinical & Experimental Allergy 41 (10), 1447-1455, 2011
Coordinating innate and adaptive immunity in Fasciola hepatica infection: implications for control
RJ Flynn, G Mulcahy, HM Elsheikha
Veterinary parasitology 169 (3-4), 235-240, 2010
Possible Role for Toll-Like Receptors in Interaction of Fasciola hepatica Excretory/Secretory Products with Bovine Macrophages
RJ Flynn, G Mulcahy
Infection and immunity 76 (2), 678-684, 2008
Alternative activation of ruminant macrophages by Fasciola hepatica
RJ Flynn, JA Irwin, M Olivier, M Sekiya, JP Dalton, G Mulcahy
Veterinary immunology and immunopathology 120 (1-2), 31-40, 2007
A trematode parasite derived growth factor binds and exerts influences on host immune functions via host cytokine receptor complexes
AA Sulaiman, K Zolnierczyk, O Japa, JP Owen, BC Maddison, RD Emes, ...
PLoS pathogens 12 (11), e1005991, 2016
IL‐10 and TGF‐β1 are associated with variations in fluke burdens following experimental fasciolosis in sheep
O Hacariz, G Sayers, RJ Flynn, A Lejeune, G Mulcahy
Parasite immunology 31 (10), 613-622, 2009
Two distinct populations of Bovine IL-17+ T-cells can be induced and WC1+IL-17+γδ T-cells are effective killers of protozoan parasites
RK Peckham, R Brill, DS Foster, AL Bowen, JA Leigh, TJ Coffey, RJ Flynn
Scientific reports 4 (1), 5431, 2014
Fasciola hepatica infection reduces Mycobacterium bovis burden and mycobacterial uptake and suppresses the pro‐inflammatory response
L Garza‐Cuartero, J O'sullivan, A Blanco, J McNair, M Welsh, RJ Flynn, ...
Parasite immunology 38 (7), 387-402, 2016
Toxoplasma gondii peroxiredoxin promotes altered macrophage function, caspase-1-dependent IL-1β secretion enhances parasite replication
ES Marshall, HM Elshekiha, MA Hakimi, RJ Flynn
Veterinary research 42, 1-9, 2011
A retrospective investigation into risk factors of sarcoptic mange in dogs
L Feather, K Gough, RJ Flynn, HM Elsheikha
Parasitology Research 107, 279-283, 2010
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