Peter Meister
Peter Meister
SNF Assistant Professor, University of Bern
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Step-wise methylation of histone H3K9 positions heterochromatin at the nuclear periphery
BD Towbin, C González-Aguilera, R Sack, D Gaidatzis, V Kalck, P Meister, ...
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J Zuin, G Roth, Y Zhan, J Cramard, J Redolfi, E Piskadlo, P Mach, ...
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Cytogenic and molecular analysis of an aggressive angiomyxoma.
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Locking the genome: nuclear organization and cell fate
P Meister, SE Mango, SM Gasser
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Promoter- and RNA polymerase II–dependent hsp-16 gene association with nuclear pores in Caenorhabditis elegans
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Building silent compartments at the nuclear periphery: a recurrent theme
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Modules for cloning‐free chromatin tagging in Saccharomyces cerevisae
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Repetitive transgenes in C. elegans accumulate heterochromatic marks and are sequestered at the nuclear envelope in a copy-number-and lamin-dependent manner
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Cold Spring Harbor symposia on quantitative biology, sqb. 2010.75. 041, 2011
Differential spatial and structural organization of the X chromosome underlies dosage compensation in C. elegans
R Sharma, D Jost, J Kind, G Gómez-Saldivar, B van Steensel, P Askjaer, ...
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Analysis of proliferative compartments in human tumors I. Renal adenocarcinoma
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Coupling 1D modifications and 3D nuclear organization: data, models and function
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From single genes to entire genomes: the search for a function of nuclear organization
R Pueschel, F Coraggio, P Meister
Development 143 (6), 910-923, 2016
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