Scot Campbell
Scot Campbell
University of Illinois, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
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Well-clear recommendation for small unmanned aircraft systems based on unmitigated collision risk
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An operational strategy for persistent contrail mitigation
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SE Campbell
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SE Campbell
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S Campbell, DA Clark, JE Evans
Lincoln Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 244, 2017
Air Traffic Decision Analysis During Convective Weather Events in Arrival Airspace
SE Campbell, MP Matthews, R Delaura
The Effect of Cockpit-Based Convective Weather Notifications on Pilot Decision Making
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Benefits Analysis of Ground-Sourced Convective Weather Alerting in the Cockpit
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AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technologies Conference, 6536, 2011
Convective Weather Avoidance Modeling for Low-Altitude Routes
SE Campbell, RA DeLaura
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