Nic Rawlence
Nic Rawlence
Associate Professor, Otago Palaeogenetics Lab, Dept. Zoology, Uni. Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand
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Ancient DNA reveals elephant birds and kiwi are sister taxa and clarifies ratite bird evolution
KJ Mitchell, B Llamas, J Soubrier, NJ Rawlence, TH Worthy, J Wood, ...
Science 344 (6186), 898-900, 2014
A rough guide to BEAST 1.4
AJ Drummond, SYW Ho, N Rawlence, A Rambaut
Using ancient DNA to study the origins and dispersal of ancestral Polynesian chickens across the Pacific
VA Thomson, O Lebrasseur, JJ Austin, TL Hunt, DA Burney, T Denham, ...
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Indo-European and Asian origins for Chilean and Pacific chickens revealed by mtDNA
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Coprolite deposits reveal the diet and ecology of the extinct New Zealand megaherbivore moa (Aves, Dinornithiformes)
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Quaternary Science Reviews 27 (27-28), 2593-2602, 2008
Using palaeoenvironmental DNA to reconstruct past environments: progress and prospects
NJ Rawlence, DJ Lowe, JR Wood, JM Young, GJ Churchman, ...
Journal of Quaternary Science 29 (7), 610-626, 2014
High-resolution coproecology: using coprolites to reconstruct the habits and habitats of New Zealand’s extinct upland moa (Megalapteryx didinus)
JR Wood, JM Wilmshurst, SJ Wagstaff, TH Worthy, NJ Rawlence, ...
PloS one 7 (6), e40025, 2012
A megafauna’s microfauna: gastrointestinal parasites of New Zealand’s extinct moa (Aves: Dinornithiformes)
JR Wood, JM Wilmshurst, NJ Rawlence, KI Bonner, TH Worthy, ...
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Limitations and recommendations for successful DNA extraction from forensic soil samples: a review
JM Young, NJ Rawlence, LS Weyrich, A Cooper
Science & Justice 54 (3), 238-244, 2014
Extinction and recolonization of coastal megafauna following human arrival in New Zealand
CJ Collins, NJ Rawlence, S Prost, CNK Anderson, M Knapp, RP Scofield, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 281 (1786), 20140097, 2014
Subsistence practices, past biodiversity, and anthropogenic impacts revealed by New Zealand-wide ancient DNA survey
FV Seersholm, TL Cole, A Grealy, NJ Rawlence, K Greig, M Knapp, M Stat, ...
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JR Wood, JM Wilmshurst, SJ Richardson, NJ Rawlence, SJ Wagstaff, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (42), 16910-16915, 2013
DNA content and distribution in ancient feathers and potential to reconstruct the plumage of extinct avian taxa
NJ Rawlence, JR Wood, KN Armstrong, A Cooper
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 276 (1672), 3395-3402, 2009
Evolutionary history of the Falklands wolf
GJ Slater, O Thalmann, JA Leonard, RM Schweizer, KP Koepfli, ...
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The effect of climate and environmental change on the megafaunal moa of New Zealand in the absence of humans
NJ Rawlence, JL Metcalf, JR Wood, TH Worthy, JJ Austin, A Cooper
Quaternary Science Reviews 50, 141-153, 2012
Mitogenomes uncover extinct penguin taxa and reveal island formation as a key driver of speciation
TL Cole, DT Ksepka, KJ Mitchell, AJD Tennyson, DB Thomas, H Pan, ...
Molecular Biology and Evolution 36 (4), 784-797, 2019
Moa's Ark or volant ghosts of Gondwana? Insights from nineteen years of ancient DNA research on the extinct moa (Aves: Dinornithiformes) of New Zealand
ME Allentoft, NJ Rawlence
Annals of Anatomy-Anatomischer Anzeiger 194 (1), 36-51, 2012
Chronic exposure to schistosome eggs reduces serum cholesterol but has no effect on atherosclerotic lesion development
AC La Flamme, M Harvie, D Kenwright, K Cameron, N Rawlence, YS Low, ...
Parasite immunology 29 (5), 259-266, 2007
Unlocking the potential of ancient fish DNA in the genomic era
T Oosting, B Star, JH Barrett, M Wellenreuther, PA Ritchie, NJ Rawlence
Evolutionary applications 12 (8), 1513-1522, 2019
Radiocarbon-dating and ancient DNA reveal rapid replacement of extinct prehistoric penguins
NJ Rawlence, GLW Perry, IWG Smith, RP Scofield, AJD Tennyson, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 112, 59-65, 2015
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