Marek Dudas, MD PhD
Marek Dudas, MD PhD
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Craniofacial defects in mice lacking BMP type I receptor Alk2 in neural crest cells
M Dudas, S Sridurongrit, A Nagy, K Okazaki, V Kaartinen
Mechanisms of development 121 (2), 173-182, 2004
Cardiac outflow tract defects in mice lacking ALK2 in neural crest cells
V Kaartinen, M Dudas, A Nagy, S Sridurongrit, MM Lu, JA Epstein
Development 131 (14), 3481-3490, 2004
Atrioventricular cushion transformation is mediated by ALK2 in the developing mouse heart
J Wang, S Sridurongrit, M Dudas, P Thomas, A Nagy, MD Schneider, ...
Developmental biology 286 (1), 299-310, 2005
Epithelial and ectomesenchymal role of the type I TGF-β receptor ALK5 during facial morphogenesis and palatal fusion
M Dudas, J Kim, WY Li, A Nagy, J Larsson, S Karlsson, Y Chai, ...
Developmental biology 296 (2), 298-314, 2006
Palatal fusion - Where do the midline cells go? A review on cleft palate, a major human birth defect
M Dudas, WY Li, J Kim, A Yang, V Kaartinen
Acta Histochemica 109 (1), 1-14, 2007
Tgf-β3-induced palatal fusion is mediated by Alk-5/Smad pathway
M Dudas, A Nagy, NJ Laping, A Moustakas, V Kaartinen
Developmental biology 266 (1), 96-108, 2004
Time-lapse cleavage rating predicts human embryo viability
D Hlinka, B Kalatova, I Uhrinova, S Dolinska, J Rutarova, J Rezacova, ...
Physiol Res 61 (5), 513-525, 2012
Defective ALK5 signaling in the neural crest leads to increased postmigratory neural crest cell apoptosis and severe outflow tract defects
J Wang, A Nagy, J Larsson, M Dudas, HM Sucov, V Kaartinen
BMC developmental biology 6 (1), 51, 2006
Transforming growth factor‐β3 affects plasminogen activator inhibitor‐1 expression in fetal mice and modulates fibroblast‐mediated collagen gel contraction
WY Li, EY Huang, M Dudas, V Kaartinen, D Warburton, TL Tuan
Wound repair and regeneration 14 (5), 516-525, 2006
Tripolar mitosis in human cells and embryos: Occurrence, pathophysiology and medical implications
B Kalatova, R Jesenska, D Hlinka, M Dudas
Acta histochemica 117 (1), 111-125, 2015
TGF-β superfamily and mouse craniofacial development: Interplay of morphogenetic proteins and receptor signaling controls normal formation of the face
M Dudas, V Kaartinen
Current topics in developmental biology 66, 65-133, 2005
Prenatal diagnosis of annular pancreas: reliability of the double bubble sign with periduodenal hyperechogenic band
R Dankovcik, JE Jirasek, E Kucera, J Feyereisl, J Radonak, M Dudas
Fetal diagnosis and therapy 24 (4), 483-490, 2008
Malignant changes in adenomyosis in patients with endometrioid adenocarcinoma.
E Kucera, V Hejda, R Dankovcik, P Valha, M Dudas, J Feyereisl
European journal of gynaecological oncology 32 (2), 182-184, 2010
Signaling through Tgf-β type I receptor Alk5 is required for upper lip fusion
WY Li, M Dudas, V Kaartinen
Mechanisms of development 125 (9), 874-882, 2008
Memory encoded throughout our bodies: molecular and cellular basis of tissue regeneration
M Dudas, A Wysocki, B Gelpi, TL Tuan
Pediatric research 63 (5), 502-512, 2008
Experimental attempts to extend the current preimplantation genetic diagnosis with individual karyotypization of human blastomeres
D Hlinka, M Dudáš, M Herman, I Kalina
Reproduction Nutrition Development 41 (1), 91-106, 2001
Permanent embryo monitoring and exact timing of early cleavages allow reliable prediction of human embryo viability
D Hlinka, M Dudas, J Rutarova, J Rezacova, S Lazarovska
HUMAN REPRODUCTION 25, I184-I184, 2010
Prenatal three-dimensional sonographic findings associated with annular pancreas
R Dankovcik, S Muranska, E Kucera, JE Jirasek, J Feyereisl, M Sudak, ...
Fetal diagnosis and therapy 27 (1), 57-60, 2009
Conservative Management in Three Cases of Prenatally Recognized Splenic Cyst Using 2D, 3D, Multi-Slice and Doppler Ultrasonography
R Dankovcik, P Urdzik, I Lazar, A Gresova, J Radonak, JE Jirasek, ...
Fetal diagnosis and therapy 26 (3), 177-180, 2009
Visualization of sigmoidal diverticulosis during gynecological three‐dimensional ultrasound examination
R Dankovcik, V Vargova, K Balasicova, P Contos, S Tkacova, S Muranska, ...
Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology 41 (2), 231-232, 2013
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