Cintia Cornelius
Cintia Cornelius
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Cavity-nesting birds in neotropical forests: cavities as a potentially limiting resource
C Cornelius, K Cockle, N Politi, I Berkunsky, L Sandoval, V Ojeda, ...
Ornitologia Neotropical 19 (SUPPL), 253-268, 2008
Effects of habitat fragmentation on bird species in a relict temperate forest in semiarid Chile
C Cornelius, H Cofré, PA Marquet
Conservation biology 14 (2), 534-543, 2000
Los ecosistemas del desierto de Atacama y área andina adyacente en el norte de Chile
PA Marquet, F Jaksic Andrade
Effects of human activity on the structure of coastal marine bird assemblages in central Chile
C Cornelius, SA Navarrete, PA Marquet
Conservation Biology 15 (5), 1396-1404, 2001
Combining phylogeography and landscape genetics of Xenopipo atronitens (Aves: Pipridae), a white sand campina specialist, to understand Pleistocene …
JMG Capurucho, C Cornelius, SH Borges, M Cohn-Haft, A Aleixo, ...
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 110 (1), 60-76, 2013
Matrix type affects movement behavior of a Neotropical understory forest bird
M Biz, C Cornelius, JPW Metzger
Perspectives in ecology and conservation 15 (1), 10-17, 2017
Habitat fragmentation drives inter-population variation in dispersal behavior in a Neotropical rainforest bird
C Cornelius, M Awade, C Cândia-Gallardo, KE Sieving, JP Metzger
Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation 15 (1), 3-9, 2017
Landscape-level comparison of genetic diversity and differentiation in a small mammal inhabiting different fragmented landscapes of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest
N Balkenhol, R Pardini, C Cornelius, F Fernandes, S Sommer
Conservation Genetics 14, 355-367, 2013
Spatial variation in nest-site selection by a secondary cavity-nesting bird in a human-altered landscape
C Cornelius
The Condor 110 (4), 615-626, 2008
Conservation of temperate forest birds in Chile: implications from the study of an isolated forest relict
S Reid, C Cornelius, O Barbosa, C Meynard, C Silva-García, PA Marquet
Biodiversity & Conservation 11, 1975-1990, 2002
Neotropical ornithology: Reckoning with historical assumptions, removing systemic barriers, and reimagining the future
L Soares, KL Cockle, E Ruelas Inzunza, JT Ibarra, CI Miño, S Zuluaga, ...
Ornithological Applications 125 (1), duac046, 2023
What is the avifauna of Amazonian white-sand vegetation?
SH Borges, C Cornelius, C Ribas, R Almeida, E Guilherme, A Aleixo, ...
Bird Conservation International 26 (2), 192-204, 2016
Bird communities in Amazonian white‐sand vegetation patches: Effects of landscape configuration and biogeographic context
SH Borges, C Cornelius, M Moreira, CC Ribas, M Conh‐Haft, ...
Biotropica 48 (1), 121-131, 2016
Small mammals of the Atacama desert (Chile)
FM Jaksic, JC Torres-Mura, C Cornelius, PA Marquet
Journal of Arid Environments 42 (2), 129-135, 1999
Comparative Phylogeography of Two Bird Species, Tachyphonus phoenicius (Thraupidae) and Polytmus theresiae (Trochilidae), Specialized in Amazonian White …
MV Matos, SH Borges, FM d'Horta, C Cornelius, E Latrubesse, ...
Biotropica 48 (1), 110-120, 2016
Diversidad en bosques fragmentados de Chiloé:¿ Son todos los fragmentos iguales
R Jaña-Prado, JL Celis-Diez, AG Gutiérrez, C Cornelius, JJ Armesto
Biodiversidad en ambientes fragmentados de Chile: Patrones y procesos a …, 2006
Patterns and processes of diversification in Amazonian white sand ecosystems: insights from birds and plants
JMG Capurucho, SH Borges, C Cornelius, A Vicentini, EMB Prata, ...
Neotropical diversification: patterns and processes, 245-270, 2020
Islands in a green ocean: Spatially structured endemism in Amazonian white‐sand vegetation
FM Costa, MH Terra‐Araujo, CE Zartman, C Cornelius, FA Carvalho, ...
Biotropica 52 (1), 34-45, 2020
High Emigration Propensity and Low Mortality on Transfer Drives Female-Biased Dispersal of Pyriglena leucoptera in Fragmented Landscapes
M Awade, C Candia-Gallardo, C Cornelius, JP Metzger
PLoS One 12 (1), e0170493, 2017
Pervasive gaps in Amazonian ecological research
RL Carvalho, AF Resende, J Barlow, FM França, MR Moura, R Maciel, ...
Current Biology 33 (16), 3495-3504. e4, 2023
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