Jean-Christophe Charlier
Jean-Christophe Charlier
Professor of Physics
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Citované v
Citované v
Electronic and transport properties of nanotubes
JC Charlier, X Blase, S Roche
Reviews of modern physics 79 (2), 677-732, 2007
Identification of individual and few layers of WS2 using Raman Spectroscopy
A Berkdemir, HR Gutiérrez, AR Botello-Méndez, N Perea-López, AL Elías, ...
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Defects in carbon nanotubes
JC Charlier
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Electronic structure and localized states at carbon nanotube tips
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First-principles study of the electronic properties of graphite
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Effects of nanodomain formation on the electronic structure of doped carbon nanotubes
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Science 275 (5300), 647-649, 1997
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