Nan Hao
Nan Hao
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The emerging roles of AhR in physiology and immunity
N Hao, ML Whitelaw
Biochemical pharmacology 86 (5), 561-570, 2013
Programmable DNA looping using engineered bivalent dCas9 complexes
N Hao, KE Shearwin, IB Dodd
Nature Communications 8 (1), 1628, 2017
The aryl hydrocarbon receptor links integrin signaling to the TGF-β pathway
M Silginer, I Burghardt, D Gramatzki, L Bunse, H Leske, EJ Rushing, ...
Oncogene 35 (25), 3260-3271, 2016
Identification of residues in the N-terminal PAS domains important for dimerization of Arnt and AhR
N Hao, ML Whitelaw, KE Shearwin, IB Dodd, A Chapman-Smith
Nucleic acids research 39 (9), 3695-3709, 2011
Road rules for traffic on DNA—systematic analysis of transcriptional roadblocking in vivo
N Hao, S Krishna, A Ahlgren-Berg, EE Cutts, KE Shearwin, IB Dodd
Nucleic acids research 42 (14), 8861-8872, 2014
Reciprocal regulation of the basic helix–loop–helix/Per–Arnt–Sim partner proteins, Arnt and Arnt2, during neuronal differentiation
N Hao, VLD Bhakti, DJ Peet, ML Whitelaw
Nucleic acids research 41 (11), 5626-5638, 2013
Xenobiotics and Loss of Cell Adhesion Drive Distinct Transcriptional Outcomes by Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Signaling
N Hao, KL Lee, SGB Furness, C Bosdotter, L Poellinger, ML Whitelaw
Molecular Pharmacology, 2012
The role of repressor kinetics in relief of transcriptional interference between convergent promoters
N Hao, AC Palmer, A Ahlgren-Berg, KE Shearwin, IB Dodd
Nucleic Acids Research 44 (14), 6625-6638, 2016
Positive and negative control of enhancer-promoter interactions by other DNA loops generates specificity and tunability
N Hao, KE Shearwin, IB Dodd
Cell Reports 26 (9), 2419-2433. e3, 2019
Directing traffic on DNA—How transcription factors relieve or induce transcriptional interference
N Hao, AC Palmer, IB Dodd, KE Shearwin
Transcription 8 (2), 120-125, 2017
Amino acid substitutions in the aryl hydrocarbon receptor ligand binding domain reveal YH439 as an atypical AhR activator
F Whelan, N Hao, SGB Furness, ML Whitelaw, A Chapman-Smith
Molecular Pharmacology 77 (6), 1037-1046, 2010
Characterizing transcriptional interference between converging genes in bacteria
SA Hoffmann, N Hao, KE Shearwin, KM Arndt
ACS synthetic biology 8 (3), 466-473, 2019
The loopometer: a quantitative in vivo assay for DNA-looping proteins
N Hao, AE Sullivan, KE Shearwin, IB Dodd
Nucleic Acids Research 49 (7), e39-e39, 2021
RNA polymerase pausing at a protein roadblock can enhance transcriptional interference by promoter occlusion
N Hao, MT Crooks, AC Palmer, IB Dodd, KE Shearwin
FEBS letters 593 (9), 903-917, 2019
Efficient chromosomal-scale DNA looping in Escherichia coli using multiple DNA-looping elements
N Hao, K Sneppen, KE Shearwin, IB Dodd
Nucleic Acids Research 45 (9), 5074-5085, 2017
Hidden secrets of sigma54 promoters revealed
N Hao, KE Shearwin
Trends in biochemical sciences 42 (12), 931-932, 2017
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