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Ravi Vijaya Satya
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Sensitive and specific multi-cancer detection and localization using methylation signatures in cell-free DNA
MC Liu, GR Oxnard, EA Klein, C Swanton, MV Seiden, MC Liu, ...
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Reducing amplification artifacts in high multiplex amplicon sequencing by using molecular barcodes
Q Peng, R Vijaya Satya, M Lewis, P Randad, Y Wang
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A new strategy to reduce allelic bias in RNA-Seq readmapping
R Vijaya Satya, N Zavaljevski, J Reifman
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Olfactory use in virtual environment training
DA Washburn, LM Jones, RV Satya, CA Bowers, A Cortes
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16S rRNA gene pyrosequencing of reference and clinical samples and investigation of the temperature stability of microbiome profiles
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Development and validation of an ultradeep next-generation sequencing assay for testing of plasma cell-free DNA from patients with advanced cancer
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The effect of olfaction on immersion into virtual environments
L Jones, CA Bowers, D Washburn, A Cortes, RV Satya
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A high-throughput pipeline for the design of real-time PCR signatures
R Vijaya Satya, K Kumar, N Zavaljevski, J Reifman
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A pattern matching algorithm for codon optimization and CpG motif-engineering in DNA expression vectors
RV Satya, A Mukherjee, U Ranga
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Cell-free DNA (cfDNA) mutations from clonal hematopoiesis: Implications for interpretation of liquid biopsy tests.
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In silico microarray probe design for diagnosis of multiple pathogens
R Vijaya Satya, N Zavaljevski, K Kumar, E Bode, S Padilla, L Wasieloski, ...
BMC genomics 9, 1-11, 2008
PCA and clustering reveal alternate mtDNA phylogeny of N and M clades
G Alexe, R Vijaya Satya, M Seiler, D Platt, T Bhanot, S Hui, M Tanaka, ...
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PTAP motif duplication in the p6 Gag protein confers a replication advantage on HIV-1 subtype C
S Sharma, PS Arunachalam, M Menon, V Ragupathy, RV Satya, J Jebaraj, ...
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Quantitative analysis of differences in copy numbers using read depth obtained from PCR-enriched samples and controls
F Reinecke, RV Satya, J DiCarlo
BMC bioinformatics 16, 1-9, 2015
Edge effects in calling variants from targeted amplicon sequencing
R Vijaya Satya, J DiCarlo
BMC genomics 15, 1-7, 2014
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