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Deconstruction and reassembly of renewable polymers and biocolloids into next generation structured materials
BL Tardy, BD Mattos, CG Otoni, M Beaumont, J Majoinen, ...
Chemical reviews 121 (22), 14088-14188, 2021
Asymmetrical coffee rings from cellulose nanocrystals and prospects in art and design
KW Klockars, NE Yau, BL Tardy, J Majoinen, T Kämäräinen, K Miettunen, ...
Cellulose 26, 491-506, 2019
Tessellation of Chiral‐Nematic Cellulose Nanocrystal Films by Microtemplating
BL Tardy, BD Mattos, LG Greca, T Kämäräinen, KW Klockars, OJ Rojas
Advanced Functional Materials 29 (25), 1808518, 2019
Nanofibrillar networks enable universal assembly of superstructured particle constructs
BD Mattos, BL Tardy, LG Greca, T Kämäräinen, W Xiang, O Cusola, ...
Science Advances 6 (19), eaaz7328, 2020
Optical Properties of Self‐Assembled Cellulose Nanocrystals Films Suspended at Planar–Symmetrical Interfaces
BL Tardy, M Ago, J Guo, M Borghei, T Kämäräinen, OJ Rojas
Small 13 (47), 1702084, 2017
Chirality from cryo-electron tomograms of nanocrystals obtained by lateral disassembly and surface etching of never-dried chitin
L Bai, T Kämäräinen, W Xiang, J Majoinen, J Seitsonen, R Grande, ...
ACS nano 14 (6), 6921-6930, 2020
Controlled biocide release from hierarchically-structured biogenic silica: surface chemistry to tune release rate and responsiveness
BD Mattos, BL Tardy, M Pezhman, T Kämäräinen, M Linder, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 5555, 2018
Harmonic analysis of surface instability patterns on colloidal particles
T Kämäräinen, M Ago, J Seitsonen, J Raula, EI Kauppinen, ...
Soft matter 14 (17), 3387-3396, 2018
Changes in milk fat globules and membrane lipids under the shear fields of microfiltration and centrifugation
A Jukkola, S Hokkanen, T Kämäräinen, R Partanen, A Heino, OJ Rojas
Journal of Membrane Science 573, 218-225, 2019
Morphology-controlled synthesis of colloidal polyphenol particles from aqueous solutions of tannic acid
T Kämäräinen, M Ago, LG Greca, BL Tardy, M Müllner, ...
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 7 (20), 16985-16990, 2019
Nanocellulose Removes the Need for Chemical Crosslinking in Tannin-Based Rigid Foams and Enhances Their Strength and Fire Retardancy
AL Missio, CG Otoni, B Zhao, M Beaumont, A Khakalo, ...
ACS sustainable chemistry & engineering 10 (31), 10303-10310, 2022
Effect of particle surface corrugation on colloidal interactions
T Kämäräinen, BL Tardy, SJ Nikkhah, P Batys, M Sammalkorpi, OJ Rojas
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 579, 794-804, 2020
UV-ozone patterning of micro-nano fibrillated cellulose (MNFC) with alkylsilane self-assembled monolayers
T Kämäräinen, LR Arcot, LS Johansson, J Campbell, T Tammelin, ...
Cellulose 23, 1847-1857, 2016
Machine learning as a tool to engineer microstructures: Morphological prediction of tannin-based colloids using Bayesian surrogate models
SA Jin, T Kämäräinen, P Rinke, OJ Rojas, M Todorović
MRS bulletin 47 (1), 29-37, 2022
Modulating the pore architecture of ice-templated dextran microparticles using molecular weight and concentration
T Kämäräinen, K Kadota, JY Tse, H Uchiyama, S Yamanaka, ...
Langmuir 38 (21), 6741-6751, 2022
Tuning the Phytoglycogen Size and Aggregate Structure with Solvent Quality: Influence of Water–Ethanol Mixtures Revealed by X-ray and Light Scattering Techniques
T Kämäräinen, K Kadota, JY Tse, H Uchiyama, T Oguchi, ...
Biomacromolecules 24 (1), 225-237, 2022
Bicomponent Cellulose Fibrils and Minerals Afford Wicking Channels Stencil-Printed on Paper for Rapid and Reliable Fluidic Platforms
K Solin, M Borghei, M Imani, T Kämäräinen, K Kiri, T Mäkelä, ...
ACS applied polymer materials 3 (11), 5536-5546, 2021
Tailoring the Self-Assembly of Steviol Glycoside Nanocarriers with Steroidal Amphiphiles
T Kämäräinen, K Kadota, H Arima-Osonoi, H Uchiyama, Y Tozuka
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 9 (10), 5747-5760, 2023
Unveiling the flavone-solubilizing effects of α-glucosyl rutin and hesperidin: probing structural differences through NMR and SAXS analyses
K Kadota, T Kämäräinen, F Sakuma, K Ueda, K Higashi, K Moribe, ...
Food & Function 14, 10493-10505, 2023
Amyloid Nanofibril‐Assisted Spray Drying of Crumpled Supraparticles
T Kämäräinen, Y Nakayama, H Uchiyama, Y Tozuka, K Kadota
Small, 2309645, 2024
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