Andrew MacIntosh
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Monkeys in the middle: parasite transmission through the social network of a wild primate
AJJ MacIntosh, A Jacobs, C Garcia, K Shimizu, K Mouri, MA Huffman, ...
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The influence of phylogeny, social style, and sociodemographic factors on macaque social network structure
KN Balasubramaniam, BA Beisner, CM Berman, A De Marco, J Duboscq, ...
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Social networks in primates: smart and tolerant species have more efficient networks
C Pasquaretta, M Levé, N Claidiere, E Van De Waal, A Whiten, ...
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Modeling infection transmission in primate networks to predict centrality‐based risk
V Romano, J Duboscq, C Sarabian, E Thomas, C Sueur, AJJ MacIntosh
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Inter-group encounters and male incursions in Colobus vellerosus in central Ghana
P Sicotte, AJ MacIntosh
Behaviour, 533-553, 2004
Network centrality and seasonality interact to predict lice load in a social primate
J Duboscq, V Romano, C Sueur, AJJ MacIntosh
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Fractal analysis of behaviour in a wild primate: behavioural complexity in health and disease
AJJ MacIntosh, CL Alados, MA Huffman
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Host age, sex, and reproductive seasonality affect nematode parasitism in wild Japanese macaques
AJJ MacIntosh, AD Hernandez, MA Huffman
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A complete breeding failure in an Adélie penguin colony correlates with unusual and extreme environmental events
Y Ropert‐Coudert, A Kato, X Meyer, M Pellé, AJJ MacIntosh, F Angelier, ...
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P Zhang, B Li, X Qi, AJJ MacIntosh, K Watanabe
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Social information transmission in animals: lessons from studies of diffusion
J Duboscq, V Romano, A MacIntosh, C Sueur
Frontiers in psychology 7, 1147, 2016
Hygienic tendencies correlate with low geohelminth infection in free-ranging macaques
C Sarabian, AJJ MacIntosh
Biology letters 11 (11), 20150757, 2015
Temporal fractals in seabird foraging behaviour: diving through the scales of time
AJJ MacIntosh, L Pelletier, A Chiaradia, A Kato, Y Ropert-Coudert
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Avoidance of biological contaminants through sight, smell and touch in chimpanzees
C Sarabian, B Ngoubangoye, AJJ MacIntosh
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Reproductive performance and diving behaviour share a common sea‐ice concentration optimum in Adélie penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae)
C Le Guen, A Kato, B Raymond, C Barbraud, M Beaulieu, CA Bost, ...
Global change biology 24 (11), 5304-5317, 2018
Factors Influencing the Ranging Behavior of Chacma Baboons (Papio hamadryas ursinus) Living in a Human-Modified Habitat
PA Pebsworth, AJJ MacIntosh, HR Morgan, MA Huffman
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Stemming the flow: information, infection, and social evolution
V Romano, AJJ MacIntosh, C Sueur
Trends in Ecology & Evolution 35 (10), 849-853, 2020
Fractal measures in activity patterns: Do gastrointestinal parasites affect the complexity of sheep behaviour?
J Burgunder, KJ Petrželková, D Modrý, A Kato, AJJ MacIntosh
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Predicting leadership using nutrient requirements and dominance rank of group members
C Sueur, AJJ MacIntosh, AT Jacobs, K Watanabe, O Petit
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 67, 457-470, 2013
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