Monika Harnisz
Monika Harnisz
Department of Environmental Microbiology, UWM in Olsztyn
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Citované v
Antibiotic resistant< i> Escherichia coli</i> in hospital and municipal sewage and their emission to the environment
E Korzeniewska, A Korzeniewska, M Harnisz
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Antimicrobial pharmaceuticals in the aquatic environment-occurrence and environmental implications
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The impact of a freshwater fish farm on the community of tetracycline-resistant bacteria and the structure of tetracycline resistance genes in river water
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Sewage sludge in agriculture–the effects of selected chemical pollutants and emerging genetic resistance determinants on the quality of soil and crops–a review
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Beta-lactamase-producing< i> Enterobacteriaceae</i> in hospital effluents
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Environmental fate of Bacteroidetes, with particular emphasis on Bacteroides fragilis group bacteria and their specific antibiotic resistance genes, in activated sludge …
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Wastewater treatment plants as a reservoir of integrase and antibiotic resistance genes–An epidemiological threat to workers and environment
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Total resistance of native bacteria as an indicator of changes in the water environment
M Harnisz
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The impact of WWTP size and sampling season on the prevalence of antibiotic resistance genes in wastewater and the river system
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Culture-dependent and culture-independent methods in evaluation of emission of Enterobacteriaceae from sewage to the air and surface water
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PloS one 16 (6), e0252691, 2021
Impact of peat mining and restoration on methane turnover potential and methane-cycling microorganisms in a northern bog
M Reumer, M Harnisz, HJ Lee, A Reim, O Grunert, A Putkinen, H Fritze, ...
Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 84 (3), e02218-17, 2018
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