Top publications
h5-index is the h-index for articles published in the last 5 complete years. It is the largest number h such that h articles published in 2015-2019 have at least h citations each.hide
h5-median for a publication is the median number of citations for the articles that make up its h5-index.hide
1.PLOS Pathogens89120
3.Journal of Virology7695
5.Antiviral Research5782
7.Current Opinion in Virology5167
8.Journal of General Virology5072
9.Transboundary and Emerging Diseases4860
10.Virus Research4565
11.Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics4558
12.Journal of Clinical Virology4361
13.Archives of Virology4360
14.Journal of Viral Hepatitis4358
15.Current opinion in HIV and AIDS4158
16.Expert Review of Vaccines4154
17.Emerging Microbes & Infections4153
18.Virology Journal4051
20.Annual Review of Virology3759
Dates and citation counts are estimated and are determined automatically by a computer program.